How do e-cigarettes and vapourizers work?

Also known as an e-cig or vape pen, an electronic cigarette uses battery power to heat a liquid solution and deliver flavoured vapour to the user via a mouthpiece. The e-liquid or e-juice may contain nicotine, but there are also plenty of alternative e-liquid or e-juice without nicotine, depending on the user’s preference.

Some models are activated when the user inhales and others require them to manually press a button. Many models will also be equipped with a small LED light that activates to indicate use.


What’s the difference between a vape and an e-cigarette?

A vape or APV (Advanced Personal Vaporiser) are the larger devices with small computers inside them that are used to regulate the strength of the vapour produced. An e-cigarette is a smaller device that more closely resembles a traditional cigarette in appearance. 


Can I vape anywhere I want?

Unfortunately, while it would be nice to be able to freely vape anywhere and anytime, vaping is treated the same way as cigarettes in Australia. This means that you cannot vape inside most establishments, on public transport or in other designated smoke-free areas.

This doesn’t mean you can’t comfortably vape, it just means you need to be mindful of where you choose to partake. If you want a more detailed look at where and when it’s appropriate to vape, take a look at our brief guide to vape etiquette.


What e-juice should a beginner start with? 

If you are someone who already enjoys the experience of smoking tobacco, then you would probably enjoy starting with a tobacco blend e-juice. However, if you don’t have a taste for tobacco then you’re in luck, as vaping provides a near limitless variety of tasty flavours ranging all the way from watermelon to dessert inspired varieties.

The best advice is to simply go with whatever flavour sounds most appealing to you. After a while, you will broaden your palette while experimenting with new flavours.


The great thing about vaping is that there’s always something new to try! If you want a little more information about getting started with vaping, take a look at our introductory guide.


Can I accessorise my vape?

Certainly! At E-cigarette Club, we have a huge range of high quality accessories and replacement pieces you can browse from and easily order online. 


Is vaping healthy? 

Due to Government restrictions, we are unable tell you conclusively if vaping is healthy. Again, you should start vaping because you want to explore the experience and flavours, not because you believe it is a healthy smoking alternative. Below is a video from BBC with a bit of information:


Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking regular cigarettes?

While many people have claimed to use e-cigarettes as a way to cut down on or quit smoking traditional cigarettes, there is no guarantee that this will work for you. Above all, you should start vaping because you are interested in trying the experience and flavours, not because you think it will help you quit smoking. Please note that our products are not smoking cessation devices.